Nexus 8 is real, powered by Tegra processor, and is coming during Google I/O

Nexus 8 is real, powered by Tegra processor, and is coming during Google I/O
Just the other day, a "mystery" tablet on the Google I/O site was thought to be the Nexus 8 tablet. Unfortunately, it was an earlier image of the Nexus 10. This wasn't the first time that the mythical Nexus 8 slate was thought to have made an appearance in a Google ad. Last November, a strange looking tablet was used in a Google promo. We thought it might be the Nexus 8. Whatever it was, Google felt threatened enough to change the image on the promo to the Nexus 7.

But according to MYCE, there is a Nexus 8 coming, and it is going to be pretty soon when the new 8 inch slate is revealed. The computer community site noted that it had been the recipient of several posts related to a device test named "flounder" which fits in with Google's use of fish names as code names for Nexus devices. It also dovetails perfectly with the use of the word "flounder" recently found in Google code, that might have tipped us to an HTC produced Nexus 8.

Google has removed all traces of the flounder name used in previous posts on the computer community site. More recent references are made about a Tegra processor to be used with the tablet. One post mentions that the device will be powered by a 64-bit CPU.

So with any luck, we could see the long-awaited Nexus 8 tablet, driven by a 6finally unveiled by the end of next month. More precisely, Google I/O will take place on June 25th and 26th this year

Thanks for the tip, Jan!

source: MYCE

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