Never say never when it comes to the EVO 4G

Never say never when it comes to the EVO 4G
Just yesterday, we reported how HTC had thrown a wet blanket over those who had hoped that the EVO 4G would offer them simultaneous voice and data over 4G. After saying that the only way to talk and browse over 4G would be through using a third party VOIP service, the Taiwanese based firm said that the problem was not hardware, but software related. Sprint responded by tweet and in a terse statement, the pin-dropping network wrote out some equations for the HTC EVO 4G. Voice and Data can be used together while the handset is using Wi-Fi. On 3G, simultaneous voice and data is a "No". As for talking and surfing while on 4G, Sprint wrote " still TBD, still being tested." While HTC said yesterday, "If you're using 4G for data, you can't use CDMA for voice," it seems that the carrier isn't ruling it out at all. So before AT&T calls Luke Wilson back to the studio to film some more spots crowing about how its customers can change a dinner reservation online while talking on the phone at the same time, there still is a chance that Sprint's testing will result in simultaneous voice and data using 4G on the EVO 4G handset.

HTC EVO 4G Specifications | Hands-on

source: Twitter via androidinca

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