Munster sees wearable computers being an important product line for Apple

Munster sees wearable computers being an important product line for Apple
Amid talk that Apple and Intel are teaming up to offer an iOS 1.5 inch smartwatch, Apple super-bull Gene Munster says that such a wearable computer could be the start of an important product trend for the Cupertino based tech giant. Munster sees Apple being able to profit from this new trend in two ways. One would be the sale of consumer products, like the watch, and the second would be an expansion of the MFi program. Under this program, Apple licenses to third party manufacturers the right to produce hardware that connects to an iOS device. Munster says, "While we don’t believe the watch itself is something that will excite investors, we believe the trend offers future revenue potential beyond the iPhone/iPad franchise."

The Piper Jaffray analyst does feel that sometime over the next 10+ years, wearable computers could replace the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad and support voice calls, navigation, texting and quick searches through the use  of voice control. With the possibility of cheaper screens in eyeglasses or projectors replacing the more expensive display on the Apple iPhone, Apple will be able to produce a cheaper product to sell to emerging markets.

The iOS smartwatch that Apple and Intel are supposedly working on, would feature an OLED screen with ITO (indium tin oxide) coated glass.While not much is known about the device, speculation calls for it to be introduced sometime in the first half of this year.

source: Forbes

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