Motorola Charm delayed until August 25th?

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Motorola Charm delayed until August 25th?
The Motorola Charm is not off to a "charmed" life as there is already talk that the handset will not be launched until August 25th. The problem revolves around an issue with the battery life of the cell that was to be included with the phone. To compensate for weak battery life, Motorola is said to be including an extended life battery with the unit. As we reported, T-Mobile was planning on offering the Charm for free during a special Back-to-School promotion sometime next month. It isn't clear if a delayed launch would have any effect on this plan. Outside of the promotion, the carrier was to offer the device for $74.99 after a $75 mail-in-rebate and a signed two-year contract. In the meantime, T-Mobile has put together a quick promo video of the Motorola Charm with all of the phone's features included. Nothing like pumping up demand while supply is delayed.

Motorola CHARM Specifications

source: TmoNews




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Too bad apple didn't do the same thing.

2. phonefanatic

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Actually the poor battery life was cause by holding the phone wrong, there will be a software patch to fix this soon.


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John Smith sent CEO of Motorola in regards to the Moto Charms battery life and received this response. "There is no battery life issue, you don't have the battery in the device."

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