T-Mobile has your lucky Charm for back-to-school days

T-Mobile has your lucky Charm for back-to-school days
The square shaped, QWERTY keyboard packin' Motorola Charm is an Android powered device that T-Mobile is apparently pushing as a handset for those heading back to school. According to the leaked photo of a T-Mobile ad below, the phone will have a price tag of $0 while the promotion is in effect. Joining the Charm as free options for the school set on T-Mobile are the messaging duo of the Samsung Gravity3 and the Gravity T. At the least, you can show your teacher that you know how to pick out a great cellphone deal; that is, before she takes away your phone for sending texts in class. No word on when the sale starts, but we recently reported that T-Mobile is planning on offering the Charm for $74.99 after a $75 mail-in-rebate and a 2 year contract when the $0 price is not in effect.

Samsung Gravity 3 Specifications
Samsung Gravity T

source: TmoNews



1. ace1122

Posts: 237; Member since: Mar 23, 2009

Its only July! Lets not focus on school yet...

2. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

I dont buy into t-mobile's so called deals... they talk about being the most affordable in the country and saving money with all their free phones but their monthly contract pricing is just as high (if not higher) than the other carriers. I'll admit that their even more plus (no contract) plans are unbeatable but you'll be paying $400+ to activate and start service with a decent phone. T-Mobile used to be my favorite carrier... they had the cheapest plans for their value and some of the best phones on the market. Since project dark, i've always took a double take at their advertisements but when I compared prices I wasnt saving at all. Sprints 69.99 everything data plan is the best i've found so far in the US under a 2 year contract. Especially with the EVO and soon to come EPIC. Call me cheap but no one likes a catch... btw that motorola charm looks like junk. For what you'll be paying for it. your better off getting a mytouch slide, cliq, or my personal preference a SPRINT EVO!

3. jdog59

Posts: 6; Member since: Jun 05, 2010

While I agree with you that the Sprint 69.99 Everything Data/Any Mobile plan is great you seem to forget that with T-Mobile that for $10.00 more (79.99) you get unlimited calling AND unlimited data AND texting so they still have the cheapest plans among post paid carriers and yet sprint charges 30.00 more for unlimited talkwhich makes them 20.00 more than T-Mobile. Now as for their ever more plus plans in comparison to the traditional way of purchasing a phone you only pay 30% of the upfront cost of the phone and then you make up to 19 installment payment so it all comes down to whether you want to be in a contract or not and I could go either way.

4. Homotechual

Posts: 65; Member since: Oct 27, 2009

The Sprint plan for 69.99 isin't unlimited?

6. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

T-mobile's 79.99 unlimited everything is considered no contract. I am referring to 2 year contract monthly rates. T-mobile is in no comparison for 2 year contract pricing when looking next to sprint as their unlimited everything plan is just as much as sprint at 99.99. Whereas the 69.99 everything data plan on sprint is superior over t-mobiles 79.99 500 minute unlimited text and data plan. I mentioned in my previous response that t-mobile's "Even More Plus (no contract)" plans are unbeatable but this requires that you buy the phone in full or subsidize your phone... hence the catch. If you subsidize your phone, you may as well just buy one at contract pricing and pay contract rates since you'll be paying more monthly than you would on a contract. Lets be honest here. You can choose a plan thats $10 cheaper (t-mobile no contract) and subsidize your phone, making the bill even higher than contract rates and not saving you money until the subsidization period ends (which most likely will be around 19 months if you want to save yourself as much as possible each month). Or you can buy a phone (on sprint) at contract pricing, save yourself money, and get an upgrade after 1 year (sprint premier). I find it unquestionable that unless your looking for a phone for long term (in which you may as well just get a 2 year contract) that you wont be saving much each month after subsidizing a $400+ phone. Do the math. 79.99 unlimited everything plan for no contract + 30% down plus $20 or more each month for subsidization... you'll be looking at well over $100 each month until that subsidization period is over. Or you can pay contract rates (where some prices are as little as free for phones through indirect retailers), pay the 69.99 each month (and "basically" get unlimited everything), and be rewarded an upgrade to a new phone after 12 months. The mobile world is changing. When one phone is hot, another comes out that you'll want and unless you drop your plan (especially if subsidizing) you'll be shelling out much more money than you anticipated. The prices for t-mobiles even more plus plans look pretty convincing but you wont be saving money until after a years worth of subsidizing in which with a contracted phone you'll be entitled to an upgrade well before you would be done subsidizing a phone. (of course theres always the option of getting the phone paid in full but if you took what you paid and divided it by a 12 month period, you'll still be paying more, and stuck with that phone untill it gives out or your ready to dish out another $400+ for a phone)

5. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

Can't wait for this phone to come into our store so I have more reasons to not like it lol

7. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Does this mean ppl have a chance to get the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant) for free? I would hope that way, but I don't think T-Mobile is that stupid.

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