More than 1 out of 3 Apple iPhone owners think they have a 4G phone

More than 1 out of 3 Apple iPhone owners think they have a 4G phone
It could be due to the "4" at the end of the phone's name, or it could be because the owner is just not knowledgeable about smartphones. Either way, a recent survey shows that 34% of Apple iPhone 4 owners think that their handset is a 4G enabled phone. Perhaps even more incredible is the 24% of BlackBerry users that think that their handset is running 4G speeds. Where these people get the idea that the 'Berry in their hand is pumping out data at a 4G rate is not easy to understand, especially with no "4" in the name of any of RIM's smartphones.

The survey, conducted by Retrevo, also found that even without 4G connectivity, 40% of Apple iPhone users would buy the next version of the iPhone even if it didn't offer 4G service, while 21% would consider buying it. 8% of Android users would switch to a 4G-disabled iPhone and 12% would consider it. 23% of BlackBerry users would swap their phone for a non-4G Apple touchscreen handset while 18% would give it a thought.

Despite what the carriers would have you think, many are reluctant to switch to 4G service. While 30% believe that 4G plans are too expensive, 22% think that the additional speed is not worth additional money. 19% are not informed enough to know. Part of the problem stems from the changed definition of what is considered 4G service. Last year, the definition of what constitutes 4G service was changed, which allowed AT&T and T-Mobile to call their HSPA+ service 4G after T-Mobile started the trend in its commercials. Most communications experts say that of the four top Stateside carriers, Verizon's LTE is the closest to being a true 4G network.

source: Retrevo via electronista
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