Mockups of the Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S are photographed with the Apple iPhone 5

Mockups of the Apple iPhone 5C and Apple iPhone 5S are photographed with the Apple iPhone 5
A published report out of Vietnam (where many great Apple iPhone leaks have taken place over the years) includes photographs of what are allegedly mockups of the low-cost Apple iPhone 5C and the next full-priced model, the Apple iPhone 5S, side-by-side. Some of the pictures include an Apple iPhone 5 which gives us an idea of what the Apple line up will look like over the next year. The Apple iPhone 5C will replace the Apple iPhone 4 as the entry-level version of the iPhone. The Apple iPhone 5 will replace the Apple iPhone 4S as the mid-range model while the new Apple iPhone 5S will becomethe high-end unit on Apple's smartphone roster.

Looking at the different variants of the phone, the Apple iPhone 5C has a decidedly lower-range look to it when compared to the other two versions, thanks to the plastic build. Apple is seeking to pick up its market share in emerging market countries with this model. Low-priced handsets like the Nokia Lumia 520 have been sizzling hot in  places like China, Africa and India where full-priced smartphones are too expensive for consumers to buy. A recent report from ABI Research forecasts that the number of sub $200 smartphones shipped globally will rise from 238 million this year to 758 million by 2018.

Looking at the Apple iPhone 5S, we can see the dual LED flash expected on the new model. The next full-priced iPhone is also rumored to include a 12MP camera, an upgraded processor and a fingerprint  scanner. Speculation has the two new models being introduced on September 18th with a launch 9 days later.

In case you can't tell the players without a scorecard, the Apple iPhone 5C is the plastic model, the Apple iPhone 5S has the

source: Tinthe (translated) via 9to5Mac, RedmondPie

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