Microsoft's Joe Belfiore subtly mocks the new features in iOS 5

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore subtly mocks the new features in iOS 5
Microsoft's VP of Windows Phone Program Management Joe Belfiore, who is one of the main men behind WP7, took a quick bite out of Apple's iOS 5 fanfare yesterday. Not that we are surprised that the competition is jumping in with these, but obviously a good deal of laughter is in front of us, watching the big boys in mobile kicking each other.

Android has the option to map the camera app to physical keys available on your device, and, given that the feature to press the shutter key and enter directly into the Camera interface has been present on Windows Phone 7 handsets as well, since they became available last fall, he wrote on Twitter:

Since then, he has taken the time to post a two-part tweet about a number of the new iOS 5 features that have been present on WP7 devices from the onset. Well, we can't say that Apple was gentle with the other mobile platforms last night, too.

We might be having a lot of these tit-for-tat innuendos now that iOS 5 has been revealed, with a lot of new for the platform things, that already exist on other smarphone platforms. We just hope that the number of attention-grabbing lawsuits in the mobile industry doesn't increase, we have enough to deal with already. Oh, Microsoft's Joe Belfiore apparently wrote this in response to an iOS fan who was looking forward to use the volume key as a shutter button. What's next, Andy Rubin making a JibJab video about Notification Center?

source: Twitter via WPCentral

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