Microsoft wants Windows Phone to be second OS choice on HTC Android models

Microsoft wants Windows Phone to be second OS choice on HTC Android models
HTC's Windows Phone offerings have been nothing to write home about. The HTC Windows Phone 8X and the HTC Windows Phone 8S are not exactly memorable handsets that people will remember. But Microsoft must like something about the HTC One. Terry Myerson, the top man on the totem pole for Microsoft's operating system division, wants Windows Phone to be a second OS choice for buyers of HTC's Android models, which for now basically means variants of the HTC One including the already released HTC One mini and the unannounced HTC One Max.

And to make HTC more open to the suggestion, Microsoft is believed to have agreed to cut or remove completely the licensing fee for Windows Phone. Myerson is taking a trip to Asia later this month and is planning on stopping in to visit Taiwan based HTC to discuss the plan in person. HTC pays Microsoft a royalty for each Windows Phone device made, while Android is an open source system. According to IDC, Windows Phone has a 3.7% share of the global smartphone market. Android leads with 79% while iOS is second with 13% HTC, once the top selling smartphone brand in the U.S., is now the 8th largest Android manufacturer world-wide, and is third in Windows Phone handset production.

The possibilities for a dual OS phone are wide open. Users might be able to decide on their default platform, or allow Android and Windows Phone to run at the same time. HTC was the first company to make both Windows Phone and Android powered handsets, but the company hasn't built a Windows Phone model since June and has no plans to re-enter that market right now.

source: Bloomberg
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