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Microsoft to offer up two cellphone models at CES?

Microsoft to offer up two cellphone models at CES?
Every few months the same story seems to blow in the breeze about a Microsoft branded handset. Like the wind, these reports swirl around and can never be captured, and before you know it, they are gone until the next time. Back in July, we reported that Microsoft was working on Project Pink which was expected to be a Microsoft branded phone running on Windows Mobile 7. Now, 9to5 Mac is reporting that the Redmond based Software company is planning on showing off not one, but two phones as soon as the CES in January as a result of "Pink" and the two models are code named "Turtle" and "Pure". Both are slider models that come from the acquisition of Danger and are manufactured by Sharp. They will be branded as "Microsoft + Sharp" products and will run on Windows Mobile 7.

One model is described as a "Squircle" shape similar to the buttons on the latest Zune model. The keyboard slides out to reveal a microphone and when used as a phone, the slider is out. Looking like a stylish Motorola QA1, this is the "Turtle" model. The "Pure" model (not to be confused with Sony Ericsson's upcoming Pureness device) is a candy bar shaped phone more traditional in design. Both models are said to be heading to Verizon using the same app store model that the Sidekick has, with OTA downloads and direct billing to your monthly cellular statement. 9to5 Mac says that they have detailed product pictures although they did not post them with the original story. Do you feel a draft or is there really something blowing in the wind?

source: 9to5Mac via EngadgetMobile

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