Microsoft's Pink project to be a Microsoft-branded phone?

Microsoft's Pink project to be a Microsoft-branded phone?
Back in April, we heard of the Microsoft Pink, which was said to be heading for Verizon, in an attempt to compete with AT&T’s iPhone. Interestingly, what ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley believes in, is that Pink will actually be a Microsoft-branded handset, even though the developer has been denying it would act as a manufacturer. The phone itself, according to the story, will most probably be manufactured by either Motorola, or Sharp, which are also responsible for Danger-powered products (Sidekick phones).

Now, the missing link is that the Pink’s custom user interface, called “Purple”, which will run on top of the Windows Mobile 7 platform, is currently being developed by the former Danger team (acquired by Microsoft last year). Loaded with a number of “premium consumer services”, the Purple interface is said to target a user audience, quite similar to the one of the Sidekicks. It is yet uncertain what these “premium services” would include. We can only speculate if these will turn out to be stuff like Windows Marketplace for Mobile, MyPhone and Zune, or something completely different.

In addition, Microsoft seems to have chosen an ad agency for its upcoming product. AdWeek reports that it will be McCann Erikson who will develop the Pink Project’s ad campaign, the same company that takes care of Windows Mobile’s marketing.

source: ZDNet and AdWeek

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