Is Microsoft planning to unveil an Android powered phone soon?

Is Microsoft planning to unveil an Android powered phone soon?
Even though the Surface Phone has apparently been put on hold until late next year, it doesn't mean that the guys in Redmond won't have a brand new handset to sell this year. According to a report published today, a Microsoft Store rep said during a chat that the software giant is working on a new Android powered phone. And as much as we'd like to just call this "fake news" and move on, we can't for one reason; a Microsoft branded Android phone actually makes sense.

As it turns out, during the years when Windows Phone was alive, Microsoft was making much more money on the sales of Android powered devices because of its vast intellectual property holdings related to the platform. In addition, the company has a selection of apps that it offers to both iOS and Android users, most of which offer in-app purchases. So a Microsoft branded Android phone can't be dismissed out of hand

However, while it is possible that the rep did hear something, they are often the last to know about new products. And reps who work inside a carrier branded retail store are usually so focused on earning commissions from the hardware available in the store at that moment, that they really don't care about the new handsets, tablets and wearables in the wireless provider's pipeline.

Even though a Microsoft branded Android phone is possible, and makes sense, outside of the word of one Microsoft Store rep, there have been no other clues or hints (even from the supply chain gurus who usually pick up on unusual activity) that such a device is coming. So for now, we would suggest that you take this report with a grain of salt.

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