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Meizu MX Pro 5 is the manufacturer's next high-end model?

Meizu Pro 5 is the manufacturer's next high-end model?
Here's what has happened in the last week or so in regards to Meizu's next high-end handset. Company executive Li Nan said that there wouldn't be an Meizu MX 5 Pro. Instead, word leaked out about a well-spec'd handset code named the Meizu NIUX (some of the leak came from Meizu's own president, Bai Yongxiang). Official renders of the phone, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Apple iPhone 6, are plucked from the Weibo page of Meizu's Li Nan.

While we already knew that NIUX wasn't the real name, we got a clue to what the phone's real moniker could be earlier today, when a teaser for Meizu's September 23rd media event surfaced. Printed in the middle of the teaser are the words "Meizu Go Pro," which would seem to indicate that the word "Pro" will be included in the name of the handset.

We have now come across what is alleged to be a few photos showing the packaging for the device, embossed in gold with the name "Pro 5." One tip we received says that the NIUX will be the Meizu Pro 5, while another tip says that it will be called the Meizu MX Pro 5. Either way, it won't be the Meizu MX 5 Pro as Mr. Li said.

With Meizu's media event less than two weeks away, we should find out the real name of the NIUX soon.

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source: MyDrivers (translated) via GSMDome, Techgrapple
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