MWC to see Samsung's first phone with 2560x1440 pixels display and iris scanner, is it the Galaxy S5?

MWC to see Samsung's first phone with 2560x1440 pixels display and iris scanner, is it the Galaxy S5
As if we needed more confirmation that flagship phones next year are going to be equipped with QHD 2560x1440 pixels displays, now we have a report from ZDNet Korea that confirmed that will indeed be the case, at least as far as Samsung is concerned.

We already heard the rumor that Samsung is working on a phone with 2560x1440 pixels screen, and now the publication reiterates this, saying that it will be announced as soon as MWC 2014, which begins in February. Whether that will be the Galaxy S5, remains to be seen, but we'd be surprised if Samsung uses such a high-res display for anything less than its bread-and-butter phone, or the Note 4, which is still way off.

A Samsung phone with such resolution already appeared in graphics benchmark databases, carrying Android 4.4 and a 2.5 GHz processor, so it is relatively safe to assume 2014 will be the year of 2K HD or the so-called QHD displays (not to be confused with puny qHD ones). Given that this is still the resolution that top tablets and ultrabooks are striving for, phone screens will once again prove that there are leaders, and then there are followers, as they break the 500ppi pixel density barrier. Yet, if Vivo announces the Xplay 3S this week with the same resolution display, it will be the first phone with a 2K panel, making history for this year, too.

Another tidbit that comes from Korea is that Samsung's MWC bombshell phone will also sport iris recognition technology, scanning your eye to give you access to the phone, which would be another sci-fi biometric feature we will see materialized in an everyday gadget, after Apple made fingerprint scans mainstream with the TouchID tech on the iPhone 5s.

source: via G4Games

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