Let's accessorize! Hands-on with official LG G5 Quick Cover and protective Lifeproof case

The showroom here at MWC 2016 is hot with all the new smartphones, which have been announced in the past couple of days, and accessories that offer protection or enhanced user experience. We got our hands on a couple of cases for the upcoming LG G5 – an official flip cover case made by LG itself, and a sturdy, shockproof case made by Lifeproof.

The LG's offering is called a Quick Cover case. It consists of a cover, which snaps firmly to the phone's body and protects it from scratches on the back and a flap attached to it, which covers the G5's display in a flip-wallet type manner. There is a rectangular window on the front, made with a thin film of translucent plastic, which allows for a small portion of the display to be visible. This works in conjunction with LG's new always on display technology, allowing a clock and notifications to be always ready for at-a-glance checks. The case itself is has a subdued, slightly matte soft finish on the back, which imitates the look of the G5's metal body, and its front is engraved with a fine pattern. Overall, a pretty nice match to the smartphone.

The Lifeproof case follows the no-nonsense all out protection design philosophy that the company is known for. Still, we appreciate that it follows the overall shape of the G5, instead of just being a rectangular brick. None the less, the Lifeproof case puts protection first, so it adds quite a bit of bulk to the device. It is crafted out of hard plastic and rubber and its front has a built-in display protector, made out of a thin film of translucent plastic. The same goes for the camera module and fingerprint sensor on the back. The Lifeproof case offers some amount of ingress protection thanks to a flap that covers the USB Type-C connector on the bottom and a plug for the headphone jack on the top. Still, the speaker grilles on the bottom are exposed, so we would trust the protector to keep the G5 safe from accidental splashes, but wouldn't go as far as submerging it under water. Once closed, the case latches strongly and securely, and it's only possible to open it if the user inserts a coin in a special slot on the bottom and twists it.

Update: The Lifeproof case we were handling is a pre-production unit. The team confirmed that the speaker grilles and any other remaining openings will, in fact, be sealed, making the protector water-resistant for 2-meter submersion for up to 60 minutes.

The Lifeproof case is currently up for pre-order, with a price set at $79.99 and a shipping date pinned at 18th of March. The LG Quick Cover case will probably be ready for launch together with the G5 in April. There's no word on pricing.



11. ramkumar1337

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10. grbrao

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May be due to some issues earlier LG would have garnered bad reviews. But it always thriving to bring something new to the mobile industry. LG G5 is really a break through and true innovation in mobile industry. Look at the all metal with removable battery, and different attchments..... Thought it might have some issues, it is of its own kind. I would buy a phone for its usage rather than its looks, i see far more benifits uisng LG G5 rather then any other phone... Many people compering LG G5 with other s**tty phones those who change little things and people are like wow.......... some times it is necessary to give credit where it is due... No matter what anyone think... LG is a true innovater this year when it comes to Andriod... Kudos to LG...

6. bobby2803

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after iphone in 2007, galaxy s4 in 2013 i think lg has taken mobile industry in a new direction. Everybody thought it would be vr but it turned out to be modular phones. This is why people are going to be new phones not samesung once. everybody even thought uniform os on all de devices like windows may be next thing. until we have more devices like hp elite x3 with accessories it will not be next thing. maybe late 2016 to early 2017

9. j2001m

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Yes, mate, the s7 edge as got 800 more battery included and a wireless battery case if you need that crap, but as the battery will take a very long time to run out I have no idea why you going to need it, you be needing that 2nd battery with the G5 just to get you over the day with only 2800 battery the G4 battery was crap with only a 808, the 820 going to drain it big time

4. Piyath_ale

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LG G5 The true winner 2016..

5. benno

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Lol. You are easily pleased.

7. Flipdis

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I'm a fan of g5. But it's not a true winner...

8. cdm283813

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I'll beat money that the G5 will be forgotten during phone of the year discussions. That will be iPhone 7, S7, Note 6 and Nexus duking it out by year end. Sony, HTC,Motorola and LG are just picking up scraps from the big boys.

3. Neros

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Lol, waterproof casing? Why not design a waterproof phone innthe first place? Because we wanted to make a modular garbage thing - LG. Enjoy your 5cents profit per phone.

1. Phonehex

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As UGLY as the Phone itself !

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