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Leaked form shows $100 rebate for Verizon's Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Leaked form shows $100 rebate for Verizon's Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Remember when mail-in rebates ruled the industry? Back in the day, we used to pass along leaked rebate forms like clockwork. What took us on this trip down memory lane was a leaked Verizon rebate form. The sheet shows rebates being offered by Big Red starting today, and running through January 26th. Among the phones covered is a Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which comes with a $100 rebate. More importantly, the inclusion of the phone on the list confirms that the nation's largest carrier will be offering this version of Sammy's current phablet shortly.

The LG G2 has a $200 rebate, which means that the phone that we called one of the best smartphones of 2013, is now free with a signed two-year pact. Battery hogs should take note in the $175 rebate Verizon is offering buyers of the Motorola DROID MAXX. This is the phone that claims to have 48 hour battery life. Other handsets of note that are included are the Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy S4 ($150 rebate for both models).

If you do buy one of the covered models, it will feel like old times again, laying out money that you will be getting back in the mail a few short weeks later. Verizon, of course, hopes that you forget to mail in the form.

Leaked Verizon form lists rebates that start today

source: AndroidCentral

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