Leaked case confirms existence of 12-inch Apple iPad Plus

Leaked case confirms existence of 12-inch Apple iPad Plus
Out of France comes the latest sign that Apple will soon introduce an Apple iPad with a 12-inch screen. A series of photographs were published showing what is allegedly a case for the larger screened iOS flavored tablet. The actual case was obtained from a Chinese company that produces accessories for the Apple iPad. A comparison shot showing the larger case and one for the Apple iPad Air 2 shows that both have the same placement for the volume, standby and camera buttons. When lined up, the leaked case would fit only a device carrying a 12-inch screen.

Previous rumors indicated that the larger screened iPad would have four speakers, two on top and two on bottom. This would easily explain why the case for the Apple iPad Air 2 looks different than the leaked case in those two areas.

The latest speculation has Apple continuing to use the naming scheme it first employed with its 5.5-inch Apple iPhone 6 Plus. That would give the new table the moniker of Apple iPad Plus. In addition, connected Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo says that the tech titan will release an optional stylus during this year's second quarter, designed to work with the iPad Plus. Besides letting us know that Apple will be offering such an accessory, the analyst is also giving us a time frame as to when we might see the tablet released.

Considering that the second quarter of the year starts in April, could Apple be looking to unveil its 12-inch slate at the same time it launches the Apple Watch? The latter is expected to become available for wrists in certain regions starting in April.

source: NWE (translated) via BGR
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