Lack of parts from vendors force Samsung to put the kibosh on OIS for Samsung Galaxy Note III?

Lack of parts from vendors forces Samsung to put the kibosh on OIS for Samsung Galaxy Note III?
Optical Image Stabilization has become a must-have feature among those who like to shoot video with their smartphone. OIS keeps the video looking as if it were filmed using a tripod instead of showing a video bouncing all over like someone who switched over to decaf after 30 years of drinking regular coffee. Back in May, Nokia showed how steady OIS kept a video shot with the Nokia Lumia 928.

OIS was expected to be a feature of the the back camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note III. But published reports out of South Korea on Monday state that Sammy's vendors can't seem to come up with the 10 million modules that the manufacturer will need so that every phablet it builds has OIS on the rear camera. As a result, Samsung reportedly is pulling the feature from the entire build. With other high-end devices like the HTC One and the upcoming LG G2 offering OIS, there are some who suggest that the lack of the feature on the Galaxy Note III will harm sales. Until the word comes from Samsung, let's take the pulling of OIS on the Galaxy Note III's rear snapper with a grain of salt. Usually there are long lead times involved when a major manufacturer is purchasing key parts from a vendor which makes us wonder about the report.

The same sources also said that the Korean manufacturer has developed a 16MP camera which might be used as soon as March. The buzz is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 (not too early to bring that device up) will have this new sensor on its back and OIS will be included.

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source: Naver (translated) via TechKiddy

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