LG turns nostalgic again with video discussing its smartphone UX

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Just the other day, we showed you a video produced by LG that discussed some of the innovations that the company had developed for its mobile cameras. Now, another video by the manufacturer takes the same concept as it looks back at innovative ideas employed by LG for its smartphone UX. Among the features described by users of LG phones are the Knock Code, which allowed you to set up one of over 86,000 possible patterns to tap as a code to unlock your phone and verify your identity. At one time, LG called it safer than Apple's Touch ID.

The precursor to Knock Code, Knock On, was mentioned. With Knock On, a double tap on the screen wakes up a sleeping handset. One LG user from Israel said that the feature changed her world! And who could forget Quick Note? Using your finger as a pen, you write out a phone number, create a memo using an image on the screen as a backdrop, or draw a beard on a picture of your wife. When finished, you can send off your important memo (or a clever creation) to friends and family.

So why is LG getting nostalgic all of a sudden? That's because a week from today in Barcelona, the company will introduce its latest flagship phone. The LG G6 will feature the latest UX from LG which will contain features whose heritage can be traced back to some of the older concepts discussed in the video. And like many of the top smartphone manufacturers, LG has a history in cellphones that is both rich and innovative. Going back, most of us can probably remember owning an LG handset or two.

To check out the latest clip in LG's Heritage series, click on the video at the top of the story.

source: LG

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