LG trademarks the G Flex Frame, G Frame, and F Frame device names with the USPTO

LG trademarks the G Flex Frame, G Frame, and F Frame device names with the USPTO
A month ago, we told you that LG has filed trademarks for the names of its flagship devices with the USPTO well until 2020 – unsurprisingly, we are dealing with the LG G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, and eventually, the LG G9. Of course, the company might be playing the safe card and not use these names for its flagship lineup, but sound logic suggests that the South Korea-based manufacturer will employ the patented naming.

Today we heard that LG has visited the USPTO back on September 25 once again, and just like the previous time, it was toting the trademark applications for some interesting and curious devices. Sometime in the undefined future, LG might release an LG G Flex Frame, an LG G Frame, and/or an LG F Frame devices. The first among them could end up being the successor to last year's bending-friendly LG G Flex, but the rest of the devices are shrouded in mystery.

As far as the LG G Frame is concerned, we might be either dealing with a variation of the LG G3 flagship or a completely new line of devices. The LG F Frame could be a similar take in the mid-range segment, though nothing is certain. The strong emphasis on the “Frame” itself might suggest that the trio of devices might sport a curios encasing frame – probably a metal one? After all, we don't want to deem LG a copycat, but its local rival, Samsung, has already undertaken such a strategy by launching the metal-clad Galaxy Alpha (not to mention the rumored Galaxy A3 and A5) and unveiling the Galaxy Note 4 with a metal frame aboard?

Is LG following suit? Unfortunately, we'll have to wait an indefinite amount of time to find out.

source: MyLGphones via GSMDome
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