LG V20 Q&A: Your questions answered

If you've taken a sneak peek at our recently-released LG V20 review, you'd know that we are generally impressed with the phone, its performance, the useful secondary display, the hefty amount of native storage, as well as the excellent camera performance and image quality. Oh, and let's not forget the outstanding audio recording capabilities!

That said, as there could have been a few questions that might have been left unanswered, we decided to let you ask us anything in one of our regular LG V20 Q&A sessions. You asked, and now it's our turn to answer as many of your questions as possible.

General questions

PA: Sadly, LG has not announced any plans to release the V20 in Europe yet, and we fear that its new phablet might never hit the Old Continent. Suffice to say late 2016 is totally not a good time for European users who are looking to get a nice high-end phablet. You should be exploring other options if you necessarily need to replace your trusty V10.

PA: Hmm, we feel that the V20 is superior to any of Sony's newest devices. Both the Xperia XZ and X Compact leave a lot to be desired and we wouldn't call them the best "all-around smartphones", especially for the price.

PA: Yes, we feel that the V20 is more than a substantial upgrade over the G3 and superior in almost any aspect (save for portability). Comparing it with the G5, we'd say that in terms of performance and multitasking both are pretty much tied up when it comes to real-life usage. In terms of battery life, the LG V20 lasts longer on a single charge.

PA: We wouldn't call it slick, but we won't call it grippy either - it's something in-between. That said, its sheer size makes it a bit unusable with a single hand, and there's a high chance that trying to do so will result in a cracked screen or a dented frame. Popping a case on that one is advisable. We are aware that the device is MIL-STD-810G compliant and will absorb a certain amount of fall damage, but testing said claims in real life might cost you dearly.

PA: We liked the design of the V20 better overall, but the V10 feels a bit sturdier and rugged.

PA: Actually, there are three preloaded themes, but you can download more by tapping the download button in the top right. At least We can do so, but have in mind our unit is a South Korean one. You open your lock screen shortcuts by swiping up.

PA: We wouldn't call it ugly. It's a classic example of an acquired taste.

PA: We took a bunch of camera samples with both the Galaxy S7 edge and the LG V20. Judge for yourselves:

PA: The LG V20 uses Quick Charge 3.0 and gets juiced up pretty quickly - its 3,200mAh battery gets fully charged in around 86 minutes. As far as signal reception goes, we suppose it will handle weak cellular signal like any other phone.

PA: We wouldn't dare treat our LG V20 in such a disrespectful way! In all seriousness, we've been hearing reports that there could be an issue with the V20's camera glass, so you might want to be extra careful, just in case. Our unit has been with us for around 3 weeks now

Display questions

PA: Alas, LG has unfortunately dropped the ball with the LG V20's screen calibration - its display is rather cold, exhibiting a color temperature of 9257K. That's a far cry from the ideal measurement of 6500K; even the LG V10 was more color-accurate at 7877K. Luckily, there's a workaround - you can activate the built-in blue light filter, dubbed Comfort View, and tone it down a bit, which would slightly improve the situation by providing a warmer color reproduction.

PA: Indeed, there's a minuscule amount of light bleed present, mostly visible in pitch black environments. In our humble opinion, that's a non-issue and shouldn't worry you at all.

PA: Yes, we can say that the secondary display has somewhat grown on us. We find ourselves using the mini app switcher and the music controls the most. Well, we can't say we use these all the time, but we definitely find them useful.

Audio questions

PA: Okay, we used a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50x studio monitors and played a bunch of lossless FLAC tracks on the HTC 10, the LG V20, and the LG V10. No surprises - the sound from all three came clear, dynamic, and generally quite pleasing. However, if you're like your music really loud, then the HTC 10 will win you over — this one is way louder than either the LG V20 or the V10, almost to the point of physically hurting your ears. That aside, we can't say we could distinguish a stark quality difference between the three as they all performed excellently in terms of hi-fi audio playback. 

PA: While the LG V20 is a rather capable hi-fi device. It will, however, impress you way more if you have a pair of high-impedance headphones and listen to lossless audio tracks. While the HTC 10 is a bit louder, both devices are pretty similar in terms of audio reproduction. For casual listening to music, like streaming Spotify or Google Play Music while on the go,  the V20 is in the same ballpark as any other high-end device.

PA: We love you too! 

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