LG Optimus F7 possibly heading to Boost?

LG Optimus F7 possibly heading to Boost?
Back in February, Korean manufacturer LG announced the  LG Optimus F5 and the LG Optimus F7. The former device has been launched by Verizon as the LG Lucid 2 and now there is talk that the LG Optimus F7 is heading to pre-paid carrier Boost Mobile as the LG FX1. It would be the third LTE supported phone for the carrier following the HTC One SV and the ZTE Force.

Considering that this is just speculation at this point, we have no word on when this might be added to Boost's lineup or how much the pre-paid carrier will charge for the phone. We should point out that despite the mid-range specs on the phone, it has some cool features like the QSlide 2.0 which is the latest iteration of the multitasking power user's best friend. It allows the device to display two apps at the same time, one translucent and the other one solid. Using the QSlide, you can adjust the two apps so that as one becomes more solid, the other becomes more translucent, allowing you to use both of them at the same time.

The 2540mAh battery on the device is pretty hefty for a mid-range model. Consider that it is much larger than the batteries that HTC usually puts in its high-end devices and has a higher capacity than the 2300mAh battery on the HTC One.

source: 9to5Google via UnwiredView

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