It was bound to happen: Honor demonstrates "better" animoji than the iPhone X

Honor has just announced its latest flagship, which it calls the Honor V10. But the company also laid out its plans for "future innovations", which included a set of Face ID sensors up on the front with an IR camera and a VCSEL (Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser). And yes, the feature would be used for secure phone lock / unlock.

But Honor didn't stop at Face ID. Come on, are you new here? Of course, the company also announced its own version of Animoji. They not only have their own unique set of characters (which have more to do with anime than emoji, but we digress), but they are also apparently “better” at reading facial expressions and can even copy moves like sticking out your tongue. Take that, Apple!

In the pictures below, courtesy of WinFuture, you can see how the Honor animoji directly compares to the Apple Animoji. As for when the tech would actually be available on a Honor phone — we've no information.

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source: WinFuture



1. Tipus

Posts: 905; Member since: Sep 30, 2016

It's Better not "better" :))))

36. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

No matter how good you are at something, there's always an Asian kid better than you.


Posts: 432; Member since: Sep 29, 2015

But I thought Android was 3 years away from making this tech? This is the reason Android can easily outdo Apple! Apple does not make their own tech they buy it from others. That's why Samsung is the king they own majority of their phone process.

5. paul.k

Posts: 303; Member since: Jul 17, 2014

Forgive the fake news. The feature is actually not on the V10, but was presented as a "future innovation". We don't know when this would hit production line Honor phones.

8. piyath

Posts: 2445; Member since: Mar 23, 2012

Ha ha haaaaa I thought Android OEMs wouldn't replicate the true Face ID technology anywhere before 2020 for sure!

16. BullDozer

Posts: 159; Member since: Dec 18, 2015

Who wants to copy it. It's unsecure, unreliable and slow as hell.

22. firebird820

Posts: 157; Member since: Jan 01, 2017

Alright, which is why Apple buys all of their technology for FaceID from other manufacturers, some of which are Androids.

28. Back_from_beyond

Posts: 1472; Member since: Sep 04, 2015

You are such a sad act, Face ID isn't even something Apple developed, as usual just bought and it's not even nearly as secure as they claimed. This technology has been around for years, Apple may have adopted it, but no doubt someone else will do it better.

31. Kibzara

Posts: 124; Member since: Feb 24, 2016

This technology was allready seen on xbox360 with kinect. Same IR dots spreaded all over room, to control your player in game, with your motion. So claiming Apple inovated this is total BS...

41. kabhijeet.16

Posts: 894; Member since: Dec 05, 2012

Apple is not in some alternate universe. They live here, on the same planet. It's only technology advancement. Can be done easily by any company. FYI, OnePlus 5T facial recognition is literally 10 times faster than iPhone x. Android had facial unlock in 2012. Apple behind Android by 6 yrs.

38. BlackhawkFlys

Posts: 930; Member since: May 07, 2014

Ahhhh did he heart your feelings?

6. worldpeace

Posts: 3135; Member since: Apr 15, 2016

Well, Apple didn't invent or develop those sensors, they just buy it from other manufacturers.. Huawei did the same.. And I kinda like this huawei version, because it's doesnt looks like an emoji. Sony should join this trend too, and make anime version of it :v

11. rantao333

Posts: 346; Member since: May 21, 2013


20. apple-rulz

Posts: 2198; Member since: Dec 27, 2016

I returned my iPhone X, and I’m very disappointed with Apple right now. Still though, Samsung fanatics like you need to be kept in check; Samsung’s OS-provided by Google. Don’t even try to counter with Tizen. Samsung Pay-Loop Pay. Defunct Milk Music-Slacker Radio. Samsung’s chips-photomask and wafer design and manufacturing done with help from SEMATECH consortium, as well Samsung farms out to different merchant shops (Toppan, ASML, etc). Infinity display-designed by and manufacturing process developed by the flat panel display arm of Toppan. Bixby-Viv Labs. Bixbys upcoming AI improvements-courtesy of Samsung buying several startups that specialize in AI and AI speech. So in effect you are correct, Samsung does “own” a majority of what goes into their phones, but they didn’t develop it, they simply bought it. In that regard, Samsung and Apple are indeed very much alike.

25. Phullofphil

Posts: 1829; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

It’s Apple against the world. It’s hard to think they still are leaders. If there is no compitition there is no innovation. Well except to upgrade. Everybody tries to get the best tech in there devices and that’s the way it should be. I don’t think it’s about copying but more about getting an edge over the compitition and sadly if you can’t beat them join them is so relevant in this industry. Samsung is one of the biggest followers out of them all. They always have been. I used to have there windows mobile phones. I had that phone that was a decent rip-off of the palm treo series. The only reason they are as successful as they are today is that they took the tech that they already had and copied what Apple did with it on there s1. They are sitting on a huge toolbox full of tech and they can’t seem to put somthing together that actually and finally kills the iPhone. Yes Apple don’t make there stuff for the most part they take designs and tweak them and make them better. They do things there own way and make a path for you to follow or not. Samsung does not they seem to be on apples path and try to guess where it is going and beat them to it. Apple became one of the biggest company in the World because of ther iPhone. Because they took what windows mobile was and made it so everybody could use it with there fingers, the App Store and other things. It does not matter if you make your own part. It matters how you put them together. The user expierence is what it is. Samsung makes tons of money off of apples phones by the way.

29. tedkord

Posts: 17463; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

It is hard to think they are still leaders - mainly because they're not. They haven't been leading in innovation since at least 2013. Samsung makes tons off iPhones precisely because they are leaders, and no matter how often Apple tries to distance themselves from them, they are forced to keep returning.

34. Phullofphil

Posts: 1829; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

Samsung makes parts. They are not innovators on anything else. Apple is a leader. They don’t try and distance them selfs. Samsung in particular won’t stay away. In your opinion Samsung makes a better phone. I think there great but I disagree. That’s fine to disagree. Apple tries to make the user expierence better at the end of the day. Does not matter what they use. Has nothing to do with Samsung. They do there own thing. Samsung don’t even have there own operating system that’s worth a damn and without android they would be anything but what windows mobile could do. Samsung is a hardware company that tried and was successful at copying what Apple did. They are still going off that. Samsung makes great hardware but even that is somthing that they don’t use wisely. Apple is a leader because every phone manufacture makes there phone to compete with them. They don’t try and take Samsung’s phones and make them better. They try and make the user expierence better. Samsung makes great phones. For my point it don’t matter witch ones are better. But the point is that Apple is still the leader that everything is compared to. Hence Apple vs the rest. But hey atliest you have good arguments and are not just trolling. I personally like being wrong sometimes. It makes me learn. I also like all the smartphones out there. It’s awesome. Only wish that the only two operating systems were not android vs Apple

37. tedkord

Posts: 17463; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

You're trying to make it sound as though Samsung simply gets plans from others and builds parts. They don't. They design and innovate those parts, they have tens of thousands of patents. They've led the way in AMOLED, flash memory, ram, etc...Most of what Apple does is put parts together. Very little of what they create they design. Sorry, but the style fact is that Samsung has been leading, and Apple following, for the past five or more years. And it's time to stop with the Samsung copied bunk. Most of the patents Apple sued Samsung over have been invalidated, because (gasp} they were copied from others. Apple has a long history of stealing the work of others, going all the way back to the GUI. I also wish we had more choices. I want someone to bring WebOS back. I think it was the best mobile OS at the time.

3. Peacetoall unregistered

I don't understand why these chinese companies are so obsessed with apple and why don't they come up with their own original new Ideas and concept. does chinese really lack the ability to creativity

12. ph00ny

Posts: 2069; Member since: May 26, 2011

Because it's cheaper to copy then pour resources into an original idea

35. Phullofphil

Posts: 1829; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

When Samsung truly beats Apple you will see them be more innovative.

43. tedkord

Posts: 17463; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

They've truly beaten the in innovation and overall rating of flagships for several years now.

24. Phullofphil

Posts: 1829; Member since: Feb 10, 2009

Holy crap I need to mark this on my calendar. Are you changing. Maybe growing up. That was still anti apple but was the smartest thing you have ever said. I don’t know that is a good question. Everything would be a lot better if they did. They are very capable to do so. Maybe our culture is still more free and open to come up with ideas and not so strict and limiting.

4. FeloniusMonk

Posts: 18; Member since: Oct 25, 2017

Better face recognition: Yes. Animoji: Kill it with fire.

7. piyath

Posts: 2445; Member since: Mar 23, 2012

Nah..... This is probably another gimmick by Android camp and we will see an in depth review about this so called "Animoji Killer" pretty soon. All this is marketing ploys to make consumers impulse buy their phones.

10. theizzz

Posts: 16; Member since: Oct 01, 2013

Yes pretty spot on. All this including Apple's ploy all are for the sake of boosting fanaticism in consumption and boost tech sales. All these OEMs know what they are doing and do it in tandem to get people to buy more phones

13. RebelwithoutaClue unregistered

Animoji was a gimmick to begin with, not to mention a marketing ploy to get people to buy the more expensive iPhone X

15. Peacetoall unregistered

when android oem does this its a gimmick and when apple does this its a useful feature. You apple fanboys seriously have no dignity

33. tedkord

Posts: 17463; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

I'm pretty sure a cheap, silly gimmick like animoji isn't going to convince anyone to impulse buy a phone.

9. Chuck007

Posts: 1415; Member since: Mar 02, 2014

Future innovation? Seriously? They just copy and pasted Apple.

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