Instagram might add video on June 20th and Vine could be the reason


Facebook is holding an event on June 20th where it could announce that its $1 billion acquisition Instagram is getting support for video, according to TechCrunch sources. If true, the move comes as a reaction to Vine, the video sharing service that Twitter launched nearly half a year ago. Vine allows users to capture and share 6-second video clips. It grew extremely fast attracting 13 million iPhone users since launch.

Instagram on the other hand is popular for its vintage filters applied to square photographs and has over 100 million customers that actively use it as a social network of sorts. The lack of support of video however might erode its customer base.

To support the possibility of Instagram launching a Vine alternative, come three week-old findings that such a service is undergoing internal testing.

Twitter on the other hand is not showing Instagram photos in tweets since late last year. The rivalry is obvious and Instagram launching a video service at this time could help users stay on a single network instead of splitting between many. We’ll see if this rumor is indeed true in just a couple of days, on June 20th.

source: Tech Crunch

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