Infographic shows the most popular smartphones in North America – Toronto keeps BlackBerry alive

Infographic shows the most popular smartphones in North America – Toronto keeps BlackBerry alive
iQmetrix provides retail management software for wireless carriers throughout the United States and Canada. With that, they can glean granular data that would provide a fairly accurate picture as to who is buying what type of smartphone, and where.

So, the company cataloged data from specific markets and decided to share some interesting tidbits of data compiled over the past six months (December 2013 through May 2014).

It will not come as a surprise to anyone that Apple and Samsung rule the roost, but not uniformly across certain locales. For instance, in New York City, Apple saw 61% of smartphone sales. Up in Washington state, Samsung has a sizeable chunk of sales.

When it comes to BlackBerry, there are those out there wondering, “What is keeping BlackBerry going? Who keeps buying their stuff?” Well, you can thank the city of Toronto, who accounts for nearly 30% of all BlackBerry sales across Canada and the United States. What is even more interesting is that BlackBerry does not even register sales in Montreal, Quebec, only 340 miles away from Toronto.

LG, HTC, and Nokia all have their share of fans too. The iPhone outsold the Galaxy S4, but Samsung had the largest percentage of device sales. The Galaxy S5 had only been available for a little over a month within the period that data was gathered, but unlike most of the rest of the world, iOS devices still have a bit of a stronghold.

It will be interesting to see how the crop of new devices shape up in sales figures later this year, now that we have the Galaxy S5 blowing sales records away, the HTC One (M8) seducing users with its beautiful build, and soon the LG G3 with its ultra-crisp QHD display and microscopic bezels.

source: iQmetrix


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