Hypocritical Trump knocks Apple, but owns over $1 million in Apple shares

Hypocritical Trump knocks Apple, but owns over $1 million in Apple shares
Since tossing his hat (with an extra big head size, of course) into the presidential ring, Donald Trump has made pronouncements about  boycotting Apple. During the midst of the battle between Apple and the government over Syed Farook's locked Apple iPhone 5c, Trump made one of his patented off the cuff comments straight from the hip. "What I think you oughta do is boycott Apple until such time as they give that security number," said the billionaire. "How do you like... I just thought of that," Trump continued, no doubt mentally patting himself on the back.

Of course Trump being Trump, within days of calling for the boycott on Apple, he was back on his iPhone sending out tweets. But that is par for the course with the real estate mogul since he plays by different rules than the rest of the public.

In January, Trump said that he would force Apple to make its products in the U.S. instead of China. He would accomplish this, he said, by calling for a 35% tax on companies that make products out of the country. Trump said that when he becomes the president, he will get Apple "to build their damn computers in this country instead of other countries."

Despite all of this harsh talk about Apple, it turns out that the Donald has amassed a stake in the company worth between $1.1 million and $2.25 million. While not as much as the $1 billion investment in Apple recently announced by Warren Buffet, well we have to consider that next to Buffet, Trump looks like a penniless bum panhandling on the West Side of New York City.

Now, you have to ask yourself why someone who plans on making things difficult for Apple if he wins the election would be buying the company's stock. Either Trump really doesn't give himself much of a chance to win the big prize in November, or his left hand doesn't know what his right hand is doing (or should we say that his left hand doesn't know what his mouth is saying?). Either way, a Trump presidency is sure to shake up the mobile industry, and not necessarily for the better.

source: AP

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