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Here's why the Huawei P50 might not come with a charger in the box

No charger in the Huawei P50 box
Huawei is the latest large-name manufacturer which reportedly considers ditching the included charger from the box of its upcoming Huawei P50 series. This would line it up next to Apple and Samsung which have both dropped in-box chargers from its latest flagships. However, while Apple and Samsung had some specific reasons for the move, Huawei could be forced to ditch the accessory due to force majeure circumstances, says GizChina.

While Samsung and Apple claimed environmental reasons for the move, Huawei could be opting out of in-box chargers due to a shortage of charging chips, an integral part of any charging brick. In case you've missed the news, there's a global semiconductor shortage going on at the moment currently, affecting many industries. Surely, Huawei's US export ban can't be helping the company's case either.

That said, the reports say that Huawei will be selling chargers separately, hinting it has a decent amount of supply but not willing to part with them unless you shell out some cash.

We don't know if the lack of the charger inside the Huawei P50 box will be a one-off stunt or it will trickle down to all upcoming Huawei phones. There's also no way of telling if one of China's largest phone makers will continue bundling chargers with its phones once the dreaded semiconductor shortage is over.

Normally, we would have already seen Huawei's flagship for the year announced already, but the Huawei P50 series will reportedly be unveiled sometime in May. We expect three phones - Huawei P50, P50 Plus, and P50 Pro - which will feature a redesigned camera system, a custom 5nm Kirin chipset, very fast charging, and... no Google services on board. Good thing that Huawei's App Gallery is improving fast.

You can learn more about the Huawei P50 series in our dedicated hub.
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