Huawei Mate X is amazing, but its screen is wrinkled right in the middle

Huawei Mate X is amazing, but its screen is wrinkled right in the middle
The Huawei Mate X might have just stolen the foldable phone thunder from the Samsung Galaxy Fold: the Huawei device has a larger, 8-inch AMOLED screen with no notches or cutouts, and what looks like a thinner and more appealing design.

However, there is one thing that you might not have noticed and that we wanted to show you: when you unfold the Mate X, the screen remains just slightly wrinkled right in the middle where the hinge is. At least that is what we see on the early units of the phone that Huawei showed at its official launch event today.

So yes, you can get the screen to unfold to a fully flat, 180-degree position, but the screen itself is not quite perfectly flat and there are these slight wrinkles in the middle.

Quite honestly, that is not much of a dealbreaker, but still something you need to know if you decide you want to spend the equivalent of nearly $2,500 on the Mate X when it launches around June this year.

Take a look at this little imperfection in the photo right below:

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