Here is what an iPad mini might look like

iPad mini
If the multitude of rumors are to be trusted, there is an iPad mini announcement coming up next month. Even the New York Times reported that a smaller iPad model is being worked on, meaning that the chances of Apple entering the 7-inch tablet market seem pretty high at this time.

But what might an iPad mini look like? Well, it will surely be smaller than its 9.7-inch cousin, hence the name. Other than that, however, we can only speculate as to how such a device would be designed. Yet with a fair dose of skill, Nickolay Lamm created this series of iPad mini renders. Of course, he took into account the rumored diagonal size of its display, namely 7.85 inches, and retained the current model's aspect ratio of 4:3. The original's industrial, minimalist design has also been left unchanged, and the rumored mini dock connector has been used in his concept drawings. 

Of course, the iPad mini will likely have a design different from what we see in the renderings, but we doubt that the difference would be too substantial. We should know more in about a month's time - on September 12, to be exact, when Apple will supposedly unveil a smaller iPad model, alongside the iPhone 5.

source: InventHelp via Gizmodo

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