Apple might switch to 9-pin dock connector, iOS 6 beta reveals

Apple might switch to 9-pin dock connector, iOS 6 beta reveals
Something that all iPhone 5 rumors agree on is that the smartphone's next iteration will have a smaller dock connector. What that will look like and how it will connect to the device, however, is not exactly clear. Some sources claim that a redesigned 19-pin connector will be used, while others point at a possible 8-pin interface. Yet now it seems that neither of these speculations got the magic number right.

According to evidence found in the latest iOS 6 beta version – the same one, in which the YouTube has gone AWOL, the next iPhone model will use a 9-pin dock connector. The clue backing up that claim is a piece of code that makes a reference to support for 9-pin interface, or so it is believed.

Of course, the interpretation of that code string could be wrong, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter how many pins the new connector will have. What's more important is that the port and connector are most likely getting smaller, which will free up precious space inside the device itself. That should make hardware engineers more than happy as they'll be able to stuff more circuitry inside the smartphone think new chips, antennas, and the likes.

How smaller the new Apple connector really is should be revealed in about a month's time. If rumors are to be trusted, Apple is hosting an event on September 12, during which the iPhone 5 and even the rumored iPad mini could be unveiled.

source: 9to5Mac

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