HTC's Gordon warns kid who leaked The All New HTC One on video

HTC's Gordon warns kid who leaked The All New HTC One on video
On Sunday, we showed you a video of The All New HTC One that was filmed February 19th, and posted on social media Sunday by a kid named Roshan Jamkatel. During the video, the kid says that the phone is not yet available, and does everything he can to cover up the device's unique IMEI number posted on the back of the phone. In a Twitter exchange between Jamkatel and HTC ‎Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon, the latter makes it clear that HTC is planing on taking some type of action against him.

In the exchange, which accompanies this article, you can see that after Gordon tells Jamkatel that it is not going to be a good week for him, the kid back pedals and tries to say that the phone was a fake. But the HTC executive was not biting. He tells the would-be phone reviewer that he has the unit's unique IMEI number and other information. He closes out the chat with an ominous "We'll be in touch," said in a way that probably required the kid to change his shorts.

The video has been taken down from Jamkatel's YouTube account. In the past, we have seen manufacturers turn up the heat when prototypes of new phones were obtained by unusual means. The most infamous incident involved a prototype of the Apple iPhone 4which was found on the floor of a bar. The iPhone 4 eventually was purchased by Gizmodo before it was finally returned to Apple. Because Apple had revised the iPhone's design, the Cupertino based company was desperate to keep the device away from the media. Amazingly, the same thing happened the very next year with the Apple iPhone 4s.
In this case, Gordon's firm tone and comment about the IMEI seems to confirm that the phone in the video is indeed The All New HTC One.

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