HTC claims Desire will get Gingerbread by the end of July

HTC claims Desire will get Gingerbread by the end of July
Android OS upgrades are the most fickle of all things, even when you are told over and over that it will be coming soon, soon never seems to arrive. At this point T-Mobile G2X users may never see their update even though they have another reason to believe, because they've been hearing that it is "coming soon" or coming "in less than a month" since the phone was released back in April. HTC, however, has been better about upgrades than many manufacturers, and they are claiming now that HTC Desire users will be getting Gingerbread by the end of the month. 

At first, Desire users were told not to even expect Gingerbread, then a day later, they recanted and said Gingerbread would be coming to the phone. UK users got their Gingerbread fix at the end of June. Now, HTC has said that testing is finished and the Gingerbread update is almost ready for everyone else, claiming it should be pushed out by the end of July. The only trouble now is seeing what HTC has had to pull out of the ROM, as they have already said that because of memory space concerns, certain apps will be pulled out of the Gingerbread update, but will be available for download later. 

Good luck, Desire users! We'll let you know when the update is officially available.

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1. Chankers unregistered

"UK users got their Gingerbread fix at the end of June" - Wrong, that was for the Desire HD, your link even sends you to a page that clearly states Desire HD with a picture?

5. jogutier

Posts: 324; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

HTC r liars. I have a TB n still waiting on GB. ;(

2. ableroner

Posts: 6; Member since: Jul 07, 2011

I hope my iPhone gets a 6 month old software update by the end of July.

3. Clown unregistered

Hows that 4G working on your might iPhone. HTC has had 4G for well over a year now. Sure wish my HTC had a top flight yet free turn by turn navigation with traffic that uses google maps, or Adobe Flash for web-browsing, a 4.3" screen, widgets, customizable home screens, a decent notification system ...oh wait...It does...does your iPhone...hmmmm? Keep drinking your iKool-Aid. Apple iPhone and interface is growing old and boring. Everyone has caught up. It is Restrictive, fisher price-like, with absolutely zero individuality, comes in only one form-factor and is offered by now 2 whopping carriers...WOW...I need to wait in line so I can have one too. I actually like the iphone but stupid a** comments like yours make me dislike it and the iCult that follows it.

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