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HTC is making its smartphone comeback next week

HTC is making its smartphone comeback next week
Once the top dog of the Android world, HTC is now a pale shadow of its former self. If you’re curious about how that happened, we’ve discussed it in a dedicated article. But while HTC smartphones have been irrelevant for years, the company’s VR headsets have been successful enough to keep the company afloat and help HTC create a phone suitable for the 2020 market.

The upcoming phone is no surprise, we’ve heard leaks and rumors about the so-called HTC Desire 20 Pro for a long time. However, it seems HTC is finally ready to unveil it to the world. The company posted a save-the-date teaser on its Facebook page with the date June 16, 2020. The image clearly shows a smartphone that matches the design we’ve seen in leaks.

So, a new HTC phone is coming out in just 7 days, are we excited? And should you be? Well, yes and no. On one hand, it’s always intriguing to see what a company that’s eager to make a return will offer. Usually, they’d want to make a compelling offer to get people’s attention.

However, knowing what we know about the Desire 20 Pro doesn’t really make us giddy with anticipation. Snapdragon 665, 6GB of RAM, punch-hole display and a few cameras on the back is basically the recipe for a run-of-the-mill Android midranger right now.

Two major questions remain to be answered: price and availability. Pricing the phone aggressively could ensure that the phone will see some success, but Samsung has already occupied the midrange space with Galaxy A-series phones that are priced very competitively. It will be hard to convince people to buy a phone from a company that may or may not make another one.

Availability will likely be limited as well. It’s doubtful if the phone will reach European markets and the US is almost out of the question at this point. Rumors suggest HTC will also release a 5G phone later this year, so perhaps it will be the one making the rounds in the west.

Either way, HTC is back on our radar and we’re eager to see what’s coming next.

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