HTC One Max pictured wearing Verizon's colors

HTC One Max pictured wearing Verizon's colors
Have no fear, Verizon customers. Pictures of the yet to be announced HTC One Max show the phablet wearing the colors of the nation's largest carrier. We're not sure if Big Red feels a little more humble, but we don't see anything resembling the Verizon logo on the home button. In fact, you could say that the logo comes off looking more subtle than branding that Verizon has put on other handsets.

We noted the other day that it feels as though we've been talking about this device for ages. Actually, the HTC One mini came out first via AT&T, but has quickly found itself mired in the quicksand of oblivion from where no smartphone can recover. But unlike the mini, the HTC One Max is going to include a fingerprint sensor, and is going to be one beast of a phone powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. We can also confirm that the HTC One Max will have a removable back.

Check out the pictures of the HTC One Max wearing Verizon's colors below. By the way, the photo was taken inside a Verizon store in the northeast where the phone was demonstrated to employees. The other phone on the table for comparison purposes is the Apple iPhone 5.

source: AndroidCentralforums

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