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HP CEO asks employees to get rid of iPhones

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HP CEO asks employees to get rid of iPhones

HP CEO Leo Apotheker recently shared some of his thoughts and hopes about HP and it seems his major point is that HP should become “cool” like Apple. Just how cool? Reportedly, Apotheker called on his Bangalore employees to “get rid of their iPhones and iPads.” The main reason – of course – is the new webOS software, but HP's head honcho also mentioned that the hardware is ready and will ship within weeks of their announcement.

Apotheker asked 4,500 HP employees to raise their hands if they considered Apple cool and after the majority of them did, he actually urged them to get rid of their Apple products. HP's CEO also pumped expectations for new products launched in the US on February 9th. No surprise about this, right?

Apotheker is on a three-day tour in India meeting with employees reportedly to get some feedback about HP's progress. But hold on as HP's February webOS event will be followed by a March 14th event where he will announce his vision about the company's future. Is HP finally going to bring hardware to match the exciting capabilities of the webOS platform? Let us know in the comments.

source: PreCentral via BBC Mobile

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