Google to partner with MediaTek on the Android One project

Android One
, Google's latest initiative that aims to “reach the next 5 billion” users, will most probably be the result of the collaboration between the search giant and the second largest mobile chip manufacturer in the world, MediaTek. In line with the rumors we heard a couple of months ago, the two giants will work together so that they can bring a wide array of affordable smartphones to the emerging markets, such as India. The devices in question will be running stock Android and Google itself will take care of the firmware updates.

It is said that Google will provide the latest Android software and firmware to MediaTek, as the latter will be extensively using these in order to develop compatible chipsets. The first MediaTek-powered Android One device already got showcased at the stage of Google's I/O developer event two days ago. The sub-$100 smartphone in question is made by Micromax and is most probably powered by a MediaTek MT6575 SoC. The entry-level device has a 4.5-inch display, dual-SIM support, an SD card, and FM radio in store.

So, with all being said, Android One is what appears to be an entry-level version of the much-rumored Android Silver program. Just as we told you yesterday, Google neither acknowledged nor denied the existence of the latter, but it has been somewhat confirmed that the Nexus program is here to stay. Which is a good thing, isn't it?

source: DiGiTimes



1. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

Nooo!! :(

7. boosook

Posts: 1442; Member since: Nov 19, 2012

Well, to keep the price down... but I guess that with Google's direct support things for Mediatek will change and we'll see Android updated to the latest version even in Mediatek chipsets!

11. nokia12

Posts: 610; Member since: Nov 19, 2013

phonearena is reporting wrong and probably has no idea 6575 is a 2011/2012 chip built on 40 nm .. production on 40nm have long been stopped i guess its not possible the very least it has to be mt6572 but i think it is a new chip altogether

16. Suo.Eno

Posts: 556; Member since: Feb 17, 2013

Hmm... interestingly enough the timing of this news comes after this:- @StraightEdgeNexus Look I'm skeptical about this as well but when you look at this in a wider frame, I don't think that even the bigger named SoC makers out there w/ the kind of scale enough to push One across regions will be willing to meet the targeted margin. Sure maybe we can name Allwinner or RockChip but compared to MediaTek like it or not the 2 won't catch up to their capacity (yet..). Can only pray now that Google are more than ready to go hard on MTK's ass, make them more AOSP/GPL compliant and above all deliver the necessary quality boards even for a minimal specs vs. target RRP scenario.

2. fireblade

Posts: 717; Member since: Dec 27, 2013

I don't mind as long as Mediatek fix the GPS problem in its chip

3. Maginus

Posts: 8; Member since: May 20, 2014

I am thinking that this is the rumored 100 dollar Nexus with a Mediatek chipset.

4. kumarabhishek591

Posts: 152; Member since: Feb 22, 2014

Mt6575 sucks it should at least be mt6572 or mt6582

5. h27_Venom

Posts: 76; Member since: May 16, 2014

Looking at price most probably it will be mediatek 6572

6. TylerGrunter

Posts: 1544; Member since: Feb 16, 2012

I wonder about the need of such a phone when in Europe you can already get dual core phones for less than 100Euros, in fact you can go as far as 50 Euros:

12. Killua

Posts: 270; Member since: Nov 25, 2013

Price-wise, I guess not. But google's way so far is to provide the best price to performance ratio (hardware & software) phone for everyone. Android One (wtf is this one fad?) will probably have it, since google itself will update it, so it has better after service in terms of software support. We're also still don't know how much google will charge for this sub $100 phone.

8. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

Please Google, dont put this POS in pure Nexus blood.

10. duartix

Posts: 311; Member since: Apr 01, 2014

They have to, if they really want to “reach the next 5 billion” users. This has India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China, Africa and South America written in it's DNA. They don't need to reach you or me or 99.9% of the people who follow PhoneArena. Most of those are already on board. It already has a name: Android One, so I very much doubt this will be Nexus branded.

9. joey_sfb

Posts: 6794; Member since: Mar 29, 2012

Nexus and Android One is two different categories. Watch the Google IO the beginning of the presentation is very clear it meant for third world countries.

13. brasstax

Posts: 544; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

Mediatek is not Possible. It's performance is quite respectable. Of course benchmark scores will place it below snapdragon Sons, but real world performance in games & day to day usage is quite decent. Apart from my note 3 I own 2 Android phones. One based on mt6572 & the other is an octacore mt6592 based phone. I am able to play dead trigger, gt racing 2,modern combat 4 & asphalt 8 perfectly well on the dual core mt6572 phone.. Suffice to say the octacore based I ocean g7 barely skips a beat with the most demanding games out there. I do admit that GPS performance is rubbish & they still ship with jellybean. But IMHO that is not a deal breaker considering they offer pretty much everything else for dirt cheap prices. Moreover most mediatek phones can be easily rooted & I am yet to come across one that doesn't support app installation on sdcard out of the box.

14. brasstax

Posts: 544; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

I meant mediatek is not PoS

15. pookiewood

Posts: 631; Member since: Mar 05, 2012

Ugghh not another One.

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