Google now lets you join multiplayer sessions with players near you

Google now lets you join multiplayer sessions with players near you
If you've ever felt the need to find players near your location and invite them to your mobile gaming sessions – you can breathe a sigh of happiness, as Google has made this very function available for developers.

No, unfortunately, this does not mean that you will be able to play games locally. It means that whenever you go online and make yourself ready to play a multiplayer session, you will be able to scan your geolocation for players that have the same game and invite them for a brawl. This could be useful for getting your friends in a party faster (if it's properly implemented), though we are not sure if it will serve some social function.

The feature is available for any game that supports Google's Play Games services. It may not sound like much of an update, but with Android gaming devices becoming fact (OUYA, SHIELD, Nexus Player, MOJO, etc.) , we can't help but wonder, whether it is just a step towards further upgrading the platform's gaming side towards more console-level experiences.

source: Android Developers via Mobile Syrup


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