Google Zeitgeist 2012: world searches most for Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S III most looked up phone

Google Zeitgeist 2012: world searches most for Apple iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S III most looked up pho
Twitter and Facebook already told us what technology their users most talked about, but nothing can yet compare to the accuracy and scale of Google’s searches. 

The most searched gadgets on Google are usually a good representation of what the world is most looking for.

And now that Google has released its Zeitgeist 2012, you can look at not what just the world as a whole is searching for, but at detailed stats for separate countries as well.

So while the global top 10 of gadget searches looks like this:

  1. iPad 3
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. iPad Mini
  4. Nexus 7
  5. Galaxy Note 2
  6. Play Station
  7. iPad 4
  8. Microsoft Surface
  9. Kindle Fire
  10. Nokia Lumia 920

When it comes to the United States, the top 10 gadgets ranking changes slightly:

  1. iPad 3
  2. iPad Mini
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3
  4. Kindle Fire
  5. Nexus 7
  6. Microsoft Surface
  7. Galaxy Note 2
  8. Samsung Galaxy S2
  9. iPhone 5
  10. Nokia Lumia 900

And when it comes to the U.S. top 10 phone searches we get the following picture:

  1. iPhone 5
  2. iPhone 4s
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3
  4. Galaxy Note
  5. Galaxy Note 2
  6. Blackberry Bold
  7. Blackberry Curve
  8. Nokia Lumia 900
  9. Windows Phone 8
  10. Motorola Droid Razr

There is a few takeaways here, and the first one is that Apple gadgets continue being admired and searched for in the United States. Something else too, though, while Apple tablets reign supreme in global searches, the iPhone 5 does not even make it into the top 10. Instead, the Samsung Galaxy S III is enjoying a much more favorable second position.

Will this disconnect widen as Android devices continue appearing in massive quantities, or will Apple manage to boost its share? Those are all open questions for 2013.

source: Google Zeitgeist 2012

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