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Google Pixel users report experiencing the nefarious Nexus 6P shutdown bug


Once Google Nexus 6P owners started receiving the Android 7 Nougat update, a lot of them reported that their phones would lose all their remaining charge once the battery drops to somewhere below the 30% mark and would turn off until connected to a charger. Initially, this was believed to be a software problem and Huawei said it wouldn't be looking into any possible hardware malfunction, but many people rolled back to Android 6 Marshmallow and said the issue persisted. Just last week, we heard that Huawei has now jumped on board and is working together with Google to find out what causes that “shutdown bug”.

But it seems that the malfunctioning juicebox problem might not be isolated to just one phone. More troubling even — Google's new flagship Pixel phones are said to be exhibiting the same behavior since the last update.

A few Reddit users have reported that their Pixels will sometimes just randomly turn off when the battery charge is between 25% and 35%. The phones in question are the 32 GB and 128 GB variants of the regular Pixel and an unidentified version of the Pixel XL. So far, only a few people are reporting the bug, so there's hope that this could only affect a small batch of lemon phones. We'll keep an ear close to the ground for more information.

Interestingly enough, the iPhone 6s suffers from the very same issue right now — once it drops below 30%, it would either randomly turn off or drain the remainder of its battery in the matter of minutes. Apple has already started a free battery replacement program for certain batches of the 6s handsets, but many believe this might be an issue with iOS 10.2. We still doubt there's a connection between Apple's and Google's phones shutdown problems, but that's an incredible coincidence none the less!

source: Reddit
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