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Google releases new features for some of its Android apps

Google releases new features for some of its Android apps
If you own an Android smartphone, you'll be getting a handful of nifty features in the coming months. However, if you own a Pixel phone, you'll be getting most of these new features starting this week.

Along with the new features coming to Pixel phones today, Google announced a few of its Android apps will be updated with meaningful improvements. For example, the Digital Wellbeing app is now getting a Bedtime mode, which replaces Wind Down. When it's enabled, Bedtime mode uses DND (Do Not Disturb) to silence notifications, calls, and texts during sleep. Also, enabling Bedtime mode will make your phone fade the colors to black and white.

The new update will make it easier for users to customize how and when to turn on Bedtime mode. It's now possible to choose to have it turn on automatically or after you plug in your phone to charge.

Google also added a new option that will allow users to pause Bedtime mode without having to adjust their schedule. If your Android smartphone has Digital Wellbeing and parental controls settings, then you should be able to use Bedtime mode as well.

The Clock app will also receive a new Bedtime tab, which lets you set daily sleep and wake times to better organize your sleep schedule. You'll receive reminders before bedtime and an option to play calming sounds from various music streaming services like Calm, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

Moreover, those with smartphones that feature Digital Wellbeing will be able to pair with Bedtime mode to further prevent interruptions while sleep. Last but not least, the Clock app is getting a so-called Sunrise Alarm to wake you up more gently.

Also, the YouTube app now offers a new option that allows users to set a bedtime reminder. You'll be able to choose to see the reminder at bedtime or after the video completes.

Finally, the Family Link app got updated with the option to set restrictions for children, such as managing screen time activity, app downloads, in-app purchases, and bedtime for their device. The app lets you establish daily bedtime schedules and modify them as needed.

The new bedtime features will be rolled out to Pixel devices starting toda
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