Google reveals new software improvements coming to Pixel smartphones

Google reveals new software improvements coming to Pixel smartphones
Google promised to keep bringing new features and improvements to Pixel smartphones regularly, and the next update includes quite a few of those. Announced earlier today, the next update for Pixel phones will add Adaptive Battery improvements, a new bedtime feature in the Clock app, and some personal safety features.

The most important change included in the latest update focuses on the Adaptive Battery feature. After installing the update, Adaptive Battery on Pixel 2 and newer devices will be able to predict with certain accuracy when the phone's battery will be completely depleted and further reduce background activity to let you use it slightly longer.

The next important software addition to Pixel phones is related to safety and privacy. First off, the Personal Safety app that was only available on Pixel 4 phones at launch will be rolled out to all Pixel devices. Furthermore, Google announced that the car crash detection feature will be coming to Pixel 3.

Apart from these changes, Google will release new features such as safety check, which allows users to schedule a check-in from the app at a later time. Also, Pixel users will now be able to enable crisis alerts in the Personal Safety app to be notified about natural disasters or other public emergencies.

Alongside the new features and improvements mentioned above, Google will be adding a new bedtime feature in the Clock app, which should help Pixel users get a better sleep schedule. You'll be able to set certain tracks before you go to sleep, and if you stay up on your phone past bedtime, you'll receive statistics of how much time you spent awake and on which apps.

Finally, the Recorder app is getting some improvements as well, such as the ability to start, stop, and search voice recordings using the Google Assistant. You'll also be able to save a transcript to Google Docs if you plan to share it with others.

All the new features and improvements included in this update will be rolled out in waves to all compatible Pixel devices starting on June 1.


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