Google Nexus 7 pre-sales "big" says Android's director of product management

Google Nexus 7 pre-sales "big" says Android's director of product management
On Wednesday, Google introduced the Google Nexus 7 tablet, a low priced 7 inch tablet designed to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire. Pre-orders are now being accepted at $199.99 and according to Android's director of product management, Hugo Barra, the sales have been "big". Unfortunately, he wouldn't give out any figures. The tablet is powered by a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1GB  of RAM and an HD display. Sure, we'd love to talk to you about the rear-facing camera and the HD video capture except for one thing. There is no rear facing camera on the device, which is manufactured by ASUS.

Yesterday, after Google introduced the tablet, Topeka Capital Markets Brian White said that Apple had nothing to worry about because the Google Nexus 7 is just another Android tablet. Of course, the fallacy of that theory is that, as we pointed out above, the Google Nexus 7 was designed to take the low end of the Android tablet market away from Amazon. If the Google Nexus 7 does manage to take some business from the Apple iPad, that's icing on the cake for Google.

The 6,000 people attending Google I/O will be receiving a free Google Nexus 7 and as we told you yesterday, some attendees have already put the tablet up for sale on eBay. The good news for Mountain View is that the Google Nexus 7 is off to a great start.

source: BusinessInsider

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