Google Lens Launcher gives you a cool way to rummage through your apps

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A video showing a new app launcher called the Google Lens Launcher reveals why this was one of the winners of the 2016 Android Experiments events. With its use of a Graphical Fisheye Lens, the app gives users a unique experience not seen with other launchers. There is a high degree of customization here, with slider controls making it easy for users to control the diameter of the black dots that turn into apps. You can even control the amount of distortion, and more.

The fisheye look is only half of the unique look of this app launcher. The other thing that makes the Google Lens Launcher so different is that all of your apps can appear on the screen at one time in an Equispaced Grid. The Graphical Fisheye Lens algorithm dates back to a paper written back in 1993. The source code is available from GitHub and can be found in the sourcelink.

Meanwhile, you can actually go to the Google Play Store and install this app on your phone. It is a free download and will truly make your handset a conversation piece. And you'll be excited every time you need to open the app launcher to tap on an app. Go ahead. Install the Google Lens Launcher now.

source: LensLauncher, GitHub  via SlashGear

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