Google Keyboard gets updated to version 1.1 in the Google Play Store

Google Keyboard gets updated to version 1.1 in the Google Play Store
Back in June, Google put the stock Android keyboard on the Google Play Store. In theory, this would allow for faster updates and would allow those with a fondness for stock Android to install the keyboard, or the stock Google calendar, both of which are available. The app will scale correctly so you can use it on a phone or tablet.

On Wednesday, an update to version 1.1 was released and it was lightweight as these things go. It added the ability to long-press numbers on the top row of the tablet version of the keyboard. This feature was previously available only on the phone. And the update included a can of Raid to kill bugs dead.

Android Police tore into the version 1.1 APK and found some interesting features that might come to this app in the future.  For example, we could see something similar to SwiftKey's Flow Through Space which lets you swipe through words without raising your finger off the glass. By swiping though the space bar at the appropriate time, you are making the space necessary to separate words. Right now, only Google employees can use this feature. The new update also adds support for external dictionary packs that will probably come in the future from the web. A site was discovered that hosts thee language updates for Google Keyboard, including Indonesian, Hebrew and Persian.

source: GoogleKeyboard, AndroidPolice via  AndroidAuthority

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