Google Glass makes Time's best inventions list of 2012

Google Glass makes Time's best inventions list of 2012
What do we know about Google Glass? We know that not too many non-Googlers have used it and we have seen video released by Google that might exaggerate some of the device's functions, which will mainly be notifications and navigation, at least at first. Google Glass, which  is powered by Augmented Reality, is expected to hit the consumer market in 2014 for $1,500.  According to Time Magazine, the device is a computer built into a pair of glasses, with a half inch display. Google Glass will allow you to video chat, take and share pictures, surf the web, check appointments and access maps.

Even though consumers won't be able to purchase Google Glass until 2014, the Google Glass Explorer Edition was open for pre-orders from developers this past summer at a price of $1,500 and is supposed to be delivered early next year. You might recall Google Glass Sessions which was supposed to be a series of videos showing how useful the device really is. Only one video was released which showed the wife of a Google employee share the antics of her baby with relatives in France.

So what will Google Glass really do for us? We might not know for sure until later next year. Still, the editors at Time Magazine were so impressed by the videos below, that they called Google Glass one of the best inventions of 2012. Congratulations to those at Google who worked on the project and we hope that the vision of the device as displayed in the first videos eventually comes to fruition.

source: Time via Phandroid

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