Google Glass Sessions show you the reasons you will want the device

Google Glass Sessions show you the reasons you will want the device
Yes, there is no denying that Google Glass is a cool concept. But even Google admits that it won't be ready for consumers until 2014. Developers still need to start writing for the device, bugs need to be fixed and the software will probably be refined over the next year or so. Even though early videos showed off a day in the life of a Glass user, what can the device REALLY be used for? How useful is Google Glass?

To that end, the Mountain View tech titan is releasing videos called Google Glass Sessions. Not only does  the video show you how Google Glass will make your life easier/happier, it also shows you what Google is doing with the software. The first Session shows how Laetitia Gayn, the wife of a 'Googler' uses Google Glass to share her story about a new born child. Using 'Hangouts', she shares with her family in France a number of the baby's first actions.

This is a good idea by Google because there are many out there who might have unrealistic ideas of what the project is all about. Of course, Google put some of those ideas in their heads in the first place with that initial video. This could also create a long lasting buz for the product that won't be satisfied until its launched.

source: Google+ via Phandroid

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