Project Glass interface more limited than promo suggests

Project Glass interface more limited than promo suggests
Google’s Project Glass won’t exactly give us Terminator vision, but will rather offer more conservative features like navigation and notifications, according to a Google spokesperson who clarified matters for CNET.

“It’s still too early to know what the functions and UI will be,” the spokesperson, but stressed that it’s “simple interactions that are making people the most excited.” 

That contradicts the picture Google itself painted earlier of a world strongly augmented with digital content, with navigation and guides all over.

What all this goes to show is one problem with concept videos like the one of Google Project Glass many have been complaining about. Those videos are totally uninformative and seem like an unnecessary distraction for a company with a clear focus on end-products.

Google has patented the design of the innovative smart glasses with the USPTO, and says that the miniscule screen will appear “about where the edge of an umbrella might be.” Nothing too intrusive, and that’s definitely good news, as the design of the glasses will hugely define whether they’re a helper or just in the way. 

And there’s still a camera that allows you to snap POV pictures anywhere, anytime, so that alone seems like a huge advantage, don’t you think?

source: CNET


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