Google Glass appears on Craig's List

Google Glass appears on Craig's List
Turning to Craig's List to sell what appears to be a legitimate pair of the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, someone is violating the device's Terms of Sale. These terms outlaw any attempt to sell the specs, which are being offered for $6,000 or four times the $1,500 that was paid to Google for them.

The seller, who is certainly not being subtle about his intentions, might get away with it. A Google spokesman told CNET that they don't plan on bricking any Explorer model of Google Glass. There is the problem of having the Glass connected to a personal account, but the seller said that the account that this model is connected to is "empty" and would be transferred to the buyer upon completion of the sale.

The original ad offered the "shale" colored version of Google Glass for $6,100 and was cut in price by $100 on Tuesday. While Google's terms of ownership prevent someone from selling a pair of Google Glass, the device is allowed to be given away for free. That could result in some ruses used by ticket scalpers, such as giving away a pair of Google Glass to the first person who pays $6,000 for a #2 pencil.

One person is selling Google Glass for $6,000 on Craig's list

One person is selling Google Glass for $6,000 on Craig's list

source: CNET



1. LiveFromMN

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2. PermanentHiatus

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Good luck getting a legit buyer.

4. Droiddoes unregistered

If appfail was smart they would buy it, reverse engineer and patent the sh*t out of everything. Obviously I hope they don't gonna appl.

3. CX3NT3_713

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Lol @$6000,,,

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