Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola razr: what looks better to you?

Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola razr: what looks better to you?
We are about to get not one but two smartphones that fold in to become tiny, pocketable devices. First in line is the Motorola razr (2019), which was announced late last year and has finally entered pre-order stage. Then, we have the mystery Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which is pretty much not a mystery thanks to leaks. Presumably, it will be announced on the 11th of February, alongside the hotly-anticipated Galaxy S20.

So, on to the looks. The razr gets its design from the wayback machine, mirroring the sharp looks of the legendary Motorola Razr from before the era of smartphones. The Galaxy Z Flip — while we can only rely on leaks — we know will probably turn out to be this soft rectangle with rounded sides, simplistic looks, and non-offensive shapes.

Based on what we know and see thus far, which one of these do you like better? We are talking looks here, let's not dive into the specs or pricing until the Flip is actually official...

Which of these looks better to you? (based on leaks)

Motorola razr!
That Galaxy is sleek!

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