Galaxy S5 rumors, Lumia 929 leaks, and the new AT&T data plans: weekly news round-up

Galaxy S5 rumors, Lumia 929 leaks, and the new AT&T data plans: weekly news round-up
Rumors about the Galaxy S5 are starting to pile up, as frequent readers probably know by now. Last week we heard that Samsung's yet-to-be-announced flagship may have a metal-made body produced by the same company that crafted the gorgeous HTC One. And if that's not enough of a reason to be excited, the Galaxy S5 is likely to have a screen that goes beyond 1080p resolution. A 2.5GHz processor may also be listed on its specs sheet, if benchmark data is to be trusted.  

In other news, the Nokia Lumia 929 has been photographed ahead of its official announcement. For those not familiar, the device is an upcoming WP8 high-end for Verizon. Specs are allegedly similar to those of the Nokia Lumia 1520, but not identical. Rumor has it that the Lumia 929 will come with a smaller, 5-inch display, presumably to appeal to a broader range of buyers.

AT&T made headlines as well with the announcement of its lower priced Mobile Share Value Plans. If you're wondering how these new plans stack up against the competition's offerings, then you may be interested in our comparison post below.



2. mturby unregistered

I'm not sure about that S5...Tim may think u stole that code from Iphone 5S...better change it before Lucy koh makes Samsung pay $400 mllions.

3. mturby unregistered

Hey Lucy, how much $ u have in ur savings account after the trial?

4. mturby unregistered

i bet u have an Iphone 5S. do u have debt issues Koh?

5. mturby unregistered

This phonearena post has nothing to do with lucy or apple, but who cares.

1. toiletcleaner

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And the winner is?????? Samsung whit his twitter contest: Nokia go F..$k your self.... Bingo

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